Our Extended Family Residences™ are a healthy alternative
to the downward spiral of long term care.



BIP stands for Belonging, Influence and Purpose and it is the essence of Elite Care. BIP culture empowers our residents to maximize their living experience and independence.  We encourage our residents and staff to forge strong bonds of friendship and participate in a broad range of activities.  Nutrition and diet are an important part of our culture. Our residents take an active role in the planting, gardening, planning and preparation of their food. Our high resident to nurse/care assistant ratio allows residents to focus on living life while we promote health and assist as needed in everyday activities.


Our extended family household model eliminates the barriers to independence, relationship building and happiness. These barriers include large institutional buildings, long confusing hallways, big centralized kitchens, impersonal dining areas and locked units, which compose today’s traditional assisted living, Alzheimer’s and nursing home facilities. We provide an intimate and friendly home environment that maximizes safety while encouraging independence.