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About Us

An Alternative to Assisted Living in Portland, Oregon

Retirement Communities in Milwaukie and Tigard.

Elite Care is an alternative to assisted living in the Portland, Oregon. With locations in Milwaukie and Tigard, we provide senior living and elder care to assist with everything from seniors looking for independent living to residents in need of memory care. We provide as much freedom and independence as our residents can handle. Our retirement communities are built around having our residents enjoy life, and every detail of our communities is planned around the well-being of the seniors who live here.

Why Elite Care?

Elite Care’s mission is to provide belonging, influence, and purpose to our elders lives. We don’t want to simply provide a place to live, we want Elite Care to be a place where seniors can thrive. The entire organization of each of our campus is built around community and fostering social places where residents and their families can enjoy each other’s company, as well as a delicious meal provided by our in-house chefs.

Elite Care is different than most retirement communities because of the different options we provide. Most retirement communities don’t offer the full range of care from independent living to full memory-loss assistance. But we have all of these options under one roof, so we can allow couples to stay together and people to stay in the same location as their needs change over time. We also have learned that locked facilities are not necessary for seniors with Alzheimers and dementia, and we allow those residents . If we have a resident who is experiencing physical or mental decline, we have found that diet, exercise, and socialization are far more important for their long-term health and well-being.

Holistic Alternative to Assisted Living

Elite Cares mission is for our residents to live a happy, fulfilled life for as long as possible. We take special care to learn about each resident and what their priorities are in life. We use a family portal that allows us to take notes about each resident, so we can share it with the staff and the families when they can’t come to visit. Exercise, diet, and socialization provide preventative treatment to common senior maladies, so we learn about the activities and healthy foods that our residents enjoy and seek to help them enjoy them.

Our organic gardens are a big hit for our residents, but among those who love to garden and those who enjoy the use of fresh fruits and vegetables in the meals we provide. We also have free range chickens on each campus which are fun for families and a great source of fresh eggs for omelets. We learn about each of our elders. We make sure they get the exercise they need, get to explore all the activities they enjoy, and are able to build relationships in the community.



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