Elite Care Career Feature: Resident Service Coordinator

We Are Growing

Elite Care is growing and we’re looking for a Resident Service Coordinator to join our Team.

Summary of Position

As the lead care administrator in the house Care Team, the RSC works under direction of the nurse and the CM to ensure the best possible care is provided to the Residents. The RSC sets the positive tone in the house, leads by example:  in care; interaction with the Residents and adherence to Elite Care Policies.  The RSC’s major responsibilities are divided into three categories:  Personal Assistant (caregiver) Mentor/Trainer, Medication Management and RN support. Ultimately your responsibility is to lead your Team in providing the best possible Resident care.



  • High School Diploma or Equivalent.
  • Excellent written and oral communication in English.
  • Three years’ experience in Elder Care or related field.

Required Physical Ability

  • Able to turn and move individuals who require assistance.
  • Able to stay on feet and remain active throughout shift.
  • 50lb lifting requirement.


  • BA or B.S. degree.
  • Education in aging, social services, or other related field.
  • CNA certification.
  • Valid Driver’s License and a good driving record.

Take this opportunity to ensure a professional future with a Team that is Resident-centric, with a Company that is expanding and with Residents that need our care delivered by dedicated professionals.

Please call: 503.736.2714 :: email: 

Or apply online at


The Changing Demographics of Elder Care

In a recent article for Senior Housing News, Emily Study shares new survey data showing men are moving into memory care facilities at a faster rate than women, with the total number doubling in the last 18 months. According to the article, men require a different type of care than women, and this may present challenges for facilities unprepared for the change.

“…males age 62 and older …. are 27% more likely than women to require memory care services. Additionally, when men need memory care services, they are 8% more likely to exhibit wandering tendencies and are 30% more likely to have issues with combative behavior.”

Data such as this illustrates the importance of a forward-thinking attitude in elder care. If an organization is chasing new trends rather than preparing for them in advance, the standard of care will be compromised.

Elite Care has the infrastructure, technology, and Team in place to meet these changes head-on and continue providing for our Residents in the best way possible. Read our Amenities that Matter page for more information on how our approach differs from others in the industry and then take a tour of one of our campuses to see it for yourself.


Elite Care’s First Annual Boo Bash!


It’s October and even though the sun’s still shining, we know the start of the Holiday Season is right around the corner. In that spirit I’m pleased to announce that our Oatfield Estate and Sylvan Park campuses will hold their annual Boo Bash Halloween Celebrations on Thursday, October 30th. If you’re a friend or Family Member of one of our Residents, we’d love to have you stop by and enjoy holiday food and drink and spend some time visiting with our Residents and Team Members. Costumes are not required, but we’d love to see as many of them as possible!

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Elite Care Careers: Personal Chef


Our alternative to traditional assisted living has generated a large demand and we are looking to expand our Team! Apply today, BUT only if you want to join a company that believes in:

• Resident-directed activities: Growing organic gardens, planting flowers, and working in the chicken coop
• Promoting an atmosphere of belonging, influence, and purpose
• Family Members: Always welcome, always included
• Providing home cooked meals, daily activities, and Happy Days
• Ensuring that our Residents and Team Members alike are Living Well Each Day

AND, if you pride yourself on wanting to:

Be “all about others”;
Do well by doing good for others;
Help make a frail elderly’s minutes, hours and days momentous;
Then we want to talk to you!

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In Bloom

Each year in August, mythical Veggie Critters emerge from the Elite Care gardens and find their way to the county fairs. What is a Veggie Critter? Veggie Critters spring from the imagination of the Residents and are created entirely from vegetables and plant material. They range from fanciful animals to wacky looking people and are named accordingly. They bring forth an abundance of laughter and smiles as they come to life, joy to fair goers who meet them on their journey, and a lot of blue ribbons. Veggie Critters have also been known to appear on our campuses around Halloween.


Meet Don Walsh

Ashland House, Elite Care at Oatfield Estates

Don Walsh, the youngest child in his family, grew up in NE Portland, OR. His dad was a traveling salesman and his family owned rental properties in Rockaway Beach, OR. where he spent many summer vacations. Don has also spent time in Hawaii, on the East Coast, and Palm Springs. Today, Don is the proud father of five and enjoys watching OPB, listening to Big Band Jazz, and a big ‘ol open-faced turkey sandwich with gravy!


Team Member Spotlight


Meet Kristina Peel: Activities Coordinator at Oatfield Estates

Kristina came to work at Elite Care following a career with Weight Watchers. She began as a Personal Assistant, then transitioned to her current position as Activities Coordinator at Oatfield Estates. Kristina’s favorite part of working at Elite Care is “the Residents — they’re like extended family.”

Kristina’s a native Oregonian, growing up in Coos Bay and North Bend on the Southern Oregon Coast. She enjoys Sci-Fi movies and is most proud of her family— her daughter Tyra volunteers at Oatfield Estates. One of Kristina’s Bucket List items is to go zip-lining!


There’s No Place Like Home

Founders_BillReed_LydiaLundbergMany of you may have heard us talk about how we keep track of the number of days our Residents spend in the hospital. We pride ourselves on these statistics as compared to the general population, which spends about 10 times more days in the hospital. A paper on the comparison will be presented at the annual Gerontology Society of America meeting in November.

But what does this look and feel like in real life? Recently I had lunch with a friend of mine who’s mother (let’s call her “Betty”), lives at Oatfield Estates. I always ask how her mother is doing and she told me the story of 2 different experiences her mother had with the Norovirus. Read more


Caprese Salad

ChefKate_CapreseSalad Harvest the last of those late summer tomatoes. Chef Kate , from our Oatfield Estates Campus, shares a simple but delicious Caprese salad recipe.


One large ripe Garden Fresh Tomato

Mozzarella cheese

Fresh Basil leaves

Olive Oil

Salt and Pepper to taste


Wash your tomato and fresh basil leaves, pat dry. Remove stems from basil leaves. You may carefully cut the core from the tomato with a paring knife if you wish. Slice the tomato horizontally into ½ inch slices. Slice mozzarella into ½ inch slices. (Most recipes call for fresh mozzarella, although I prefer the full flavor of a whole milk aged mozzarella. There is no wrong answer here.) Arrange tomato and cheese slices on a plate, (most of the time they are layered between one another.) Gently tear basil leaves and sprinkle over the top. Season the salad with salt and pepper, and finish with a drizzle of your favorite olive oil. (This is the time to use the “good stuff.”) Many recipes also call for a drizzle of balsamic vinegar “reduction” or syrup. This is also delicious, but I prefer the simpler version. There really is nothing like a home grown organic heirloom caprese salad, the tomato still warm from the sun, picked right off the vine. (This recipe is based on a single serving).


Elite Care Launches Groundbreaking ‘Stop-the-Falls’ Program

A fall can have devastating consequences if you’re an older adult. Consider these statistics:

  • One in three adults age 65 and older will fall each year.
  • Falls cause 2.3 million emergency room visits annually.
  • Over 20,000 seniors die every year from falls.
  • Falls cause 95% of hip fractures and one in five people who fracture a hip die within a year of their injury.
  • Falls generate more than 30 billion in direct medical costs every year.

The numbers are sobering and because Elite Care’s mission is to provide the highest standard of care for our residents, we’re launching the Stop-the-Falls Program at each of our campuses with the aim of producing a significant and measurable reduction in falls. Stop-the-Falls will include these elements:

  • The program will be based on the Center for Disease Control’s national fall reduction program as well as new research showing the importance of vitamin D and calcium sufficiency in reducing falls.
  • Elite Care will partner with Purity Labs to provide its residents with highly accurate, non-invasive blood analysis to better measure their vitamin D levels.
  • Elite Care also joins with Kirkman®, a 65-year old nutritional supplement company known for it’s rigorous ingredient testing for all its products. Kirkman® will provide nutritional supplements to support resident’s vitamin D and calcium levels.
  • In Elite Care campuses, activities will be implemented that will help improve resident’s balance and mobility.

These holistic efforts are another way Elite Care is transforming health and memory care services for the elderly in the Pacific Northwest. If you’d like to learn more about our Stop-the-Falls Program or visit one of our campuses, please click here to contact us!