Elite Care’s Technological Advantage

EC2013_SP__ResidentSuite_adjusted2_small-225x300Transparency Through Technology

Elite Care’s patented, progressive technology allows for the highest levels of safety and transparency.  Online Portals allow our team members (and Resident family members) to locate and check on Residents from afar. In each of Elite Care’s Communities, pervasive sensors and team members assist Residents in maintaining their independence, offering assistance as necessary and using sensors to monitor vital signs and health indicators. The facility’s networked sensors let team members identify Residents who might need immediate care. Databases that monitor trends overtime also reduce stress on team members who must track the details of vital signs and medication status in delivering quality care. These sensors and databases also help residents integrate into the social environment. The environment includes actuators that can respond to the activities and whereabouts of residents. If all is fine when observing from afar, this technology lets our Residents live without constantly being bothered by a team member.

We developed all aspects of our technology, including construction, care giving,and pervasive computing. Design goals included low-cost integration of technologies, unobtrusiveness, and an elder friendly software interface. The company’s advisory committee included representatives from the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, Providence Health System, Intel, University of Michigan, University of Wisconsin, Oregon Health Sciences University, Eindhoven University of Technology, and Sandia National Laboratory.

In This Together

Six primary groups at Elite Care, each with its own set of needs and responsibilities, use the computing environments:

  • Our Residents
  • Families of our Residents
  • Physicians and health care providers
  • Team Members (staff)

The system has bolstered national media attention, and was featured on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.

The Highlights

Here are some of our favorite tech standouts:

  • Smart Beds notify team members when Residents get in and out of bed (eliminates the need for locked doors)
  • 24/7  gps-like monitoring system allows for Resident independence that will not be found anywhere else, and enhances Resident safety
  • Family members get 24/7 access to real time nurse and team member notes.
  • Family members get 24/7 access to records that include number of activities attended and time it took to respond to a Resident’s need.

Get In Touch

Experience the most technologically advanced alternative to assisted living in the US. All campuses are open for tours!



Life Continuity: Ray’s Story

FoundersOne of our Founders, Lydia, would like to share with you a story of Life Continuity:

Living Like We Always Have

Life Continuity, what does that mean? As we age, so many things are no longer possible for various reasons. But we want to continue to live our life as we have been used to. The design, operation and philosophy of Elite Care Communities is all about Life Continuity.

Ray’s Reminder

This time of year, I am always reminded of Ray. He lived with us for quite a few years and he was a Royal Rosarian. I am a Royal Rosarian and wanted to make sure that he could go to membership meetings again, even though he was in a wheel chair. So we figured out how to make it happen.

The next step was the Rose Parade. It is every Rosarian’s dream to march in the parade. It is a tough parade and as we age, it becomes hard to participate. It had been many years since Ray was able to march in the parade. He had a motorized wheel chair, so I told the Prime Minister (the leader of the Royal Rosarians), that Ray would be participating in his wheel chair. He wasn’t so sure about that and I told him that unless he came up with a better idea, Ray would be there in his wheel chair.

As it turns out, they rented 3 Golf Carts and all of a sudden there were other Rosarians who wanted to participate in the parade and ride in the carts. In order to make this work for Ray, Bill Pascoe had to get a nurse delegated to administer his CBG, and provide snacks along the way, so Ray would be medically taken care of. What a team effort it was and Ray participated in 2 parades!

Fast forward 7 years, now there is a pretty large trolley that follows the Rosarian marching unit with many Rosarians in it who can’t march the whole rout anymore. Every year I remember Ray and I know he smiles down on us, he continued living his life the way he was used to thanks to everyone’s determination.

That is what it Life Continuity means for us at Elite Care: working as hard as we can to make sure our Residents continue the life they have always lived.

- Lydia


Grand Opening Recap From Jason Hess


Jason Hess, Elite Care’s CEO, writes on the Grand Opening earlier at Oatfield Estates:

Celebrating Larch and Tabor

Last month we officially opened our two newest houses—Larch House and Tabor House—as part of our Oatfield Estates campus expansion in Milwaukie. Previous to that “opening” we already had 8 Residents! There is a special point of pride in looking at these 2 houses for us, and we have enjoyed comparing and contrasting our newest houses with our current houses. We are most proud to say that we expanded Oatfield Estates with our Residents’ wishes in mind.

The Resident Wish List

We asked our Residents what they wanted, and then we truly listened. We referred to the following list as our list of priorities for our Oatfield Estates expansion, having come directly from our Residents:

  • Want the two-house model
  • Want a covered area to return from outings
  • Want an open green space
  • Want the buildings turned to form a heart
  • Want artificial turf so green space can be used more often
  • Want walking paths around the entire building
  • Want as many edible plants as possible (so far almost all the plantings are edible, more to come soon)
  • Want the buildings to be environmentally friendly (Platinum LEED certified)

Always Improving

With help from the above list, we wanted to improve upon our previous Vancouver expansion at Sylvan Park and improve upon the high level of construction that we had at the Sylvan Park houses. Our improvements are mostly behind the walls in electrical, plumbing and structure at Tabor and Larch. However, if we compare the exterior of the original Oatfield Houses with the new Houses, the similarities in ambiance and design are still there – they are still Extended Family Residences™ – and match the Oatfield craftsman cottage look and feel. The added bonus of the 2 new houses? Glorious views!

We have already formed a review team and walked each of the new Houses to garner improvements and emphasize mainstays.

We are busy drafting/planning for our next addition to the Elite Care family – Knoll Summit in Tigard. Much of Larch and Tabor will be assumed in the design, just as Sylvan Park was assumed in the design of Larch and Tabor and Fanno Creek and the original Oatfield Estates were assumed in the design of Sylvan Park. Keeping a constant, recognizable Resident-directed ambiance to all our Campuses is very important to us.

Our building history is a process which helps us improve upon the future. Thank all of you who were at the open house and we look forward to seeing you at more open houses!

My best,



Elite Care Is In Full Bloom!

Flower Power

Lately it just seems to be all about the flowers! Everywhere you look plants are blooming profusely and on the tip of everyone’s tongue is a comment about how pretty our spring has been. We are not inclined to let such abundance pass us by without making use of all these flowers!

  • We planted flowers in pots to decorate the porches and decks.
  • We took the flowers we have been pressing over the past couple of months and used them to decorate picture frames and greeting cards.
  • We never let much time go by before we try our hands at flower arrangements.
  • We arranged flowers to decorate for family night gatherings and we had great fun making arrangements to decorate Larch House for the Grand Opening of our Oatfield Estates campus expansion!



Join Elite Care’s Garden And Art Tour This Saturday!

Everyday Living Garden and Art Tour Sponsored by Elite Care

Saturday, June 21, 10AM-4PM, North Clackamas Park

What its about:

Enjoy self-guided tour of six gardens in the Milwaukie and Oak Grove areas. The wide variety of organic fruits and vegetables at Elite Care’s Oatfield Estates, not to mention the flowers, will be one of six gardens highlighted on the tour. Arugula, broccoli, calendula, cilantro, fennel, lettuce, parsnip, radish and sunflowers – these are just a few of the crops that are cared for by our Residents.

With the guidance of a horticultural expert, Elite Care Residents get up close and personal, exploring the scents, structure, growing habits and life-cycle of everything blooming. Come appreciate the results of that process! Pick up your ticket booklet at the Garden Art Fair at North Clackamas Park.OE_IMG_4286_small-e1382587136165

Where to go:

North Clackamas Park, 5440 SE Kellogg Creek Drive, Milwaukie for the ticket booklets.

When it takes place:

Saturday, June 21 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


$10 garden tour/booklet (proceeds benefit the Sara Hite Memorial Garden).

Julie Strayer Thoma, Elite Care’s Garden Program Coordinator, will be on site to answer any questions!


All are welcome! We will see you there.


Vancouver: Know That Mom Is Safe


Safety First

Vancouver’s Elite Care at Sylvan Park is offering a welcome alternative to traditional assisted living. At Sylvan Park, and all of Elite Care’s Communities, you will find the following:

  • Team Members have an intimate knowledge of each Resident’s condition and care needs
  • Care Givers are responsible for just 6 Residents, allowing greater personal knowledge of each Resident and their personal care needs
  • Regular medication reviews
  • Nurses attend to the needs of up to 30 Residents, allowing early recognition and proactive intervention



Industry Leading Results

Our dedication to the safety and well-being of our Residents shines brightest with our industry results. Here are a few to consider when weighing your options:

Low Hospital Re-admissions

Positive Results:
2 per 100 Resident discharges
980% lower than national average
Our Focus:
Small, intimate environment
Quiet, predictable surroundings
Our Residents:
Average Resident age: 90

Low Overnight Hospital Stays

Positive Results:
1 day per Resident per year
840% lower than national average
Our Focus:
Relationship Based Care
Be present. Be empathetic.
Become family.
Our Residents:
85% Mild to Significant Dementia

Low 911 Calls

Positive Results:
1 per Resident every 4 years
820% lower than national average
Our Focus:
Advanced assessment skills
Early recognition and interventions
Our Residents:
All require assistance with at least 5 of their daily living needs

Actively Participating In Activities 5 Days Before Death

Our Focus:
Great Nutrition
Advanced Technology
Inclusive Activities
Our Residents:
During graceful endings, our Residents are at home surrounded by their Family and Team Members

Get Involved

Not yet convinced? Visit our Checklist of Amenities That Matter:

More on Elite Care at Sylvan Park:

Tour Elite Care at Sylvan Park, or any one of our gorgeous communities, to see these results in action!

Elite Care at Sylvan Park: 360.892.2273

Elite Care: 855.653.5656

Industry Leading Results: Elite Care By The Numbers


Overwhelmingly Positive Results

Our Residents live longer, healthier, meaningful lives. We say it all the time, but we want to prove it. We believe in results. And our results paint an image of an industry leading company.

Low Hospital Re-admissions

Positive Results:
  • 2 per 100 Resident discharges
  • 980% lower than national average
Our Focus:
  • Small, intimate environment
  • Quiet, predictable surroundings
Our Residents:
  • Average Resident age: 90

Low Overnight Hospital Stays

Positive Results:
  • 1 day per Resident per year
  • 840% lower than national average
Our Focus:
  • Relationship Based Care
  • Be present. Be empathetic.
  • Become family.
Our Residents:
  • 85% Mild to Significant Dementia

Low 911 Calls

Positive Results:
  • 1 per Resident every 4 years
  • 820% lower than national average
Our Focus:
  • Advanced assessment skills
  • Early recognition and interventions
Our Residents:
  • All need 5+ ADL’s (none capable of living alone)

Actively Participating In Activities 5 Days Before Death

Our Focus:
  • Great Nutrition
  • Advanced Technology
  • Inclusive Activities
  • Belonging
Our Residents:
  • 25% die each year (99% at home surrounded by Team and Family)

Find Out For Yourself

Tour one of our gorgeous communities now, and see these results in action!


A New Start

Seeds to Seedlings

First there were seeds and now there are a lot of seedlings! We spent time in April transplanting the many plants we started in our greenhouses so they can get into the gardens as the GardenSpotweather allows. Some of the things we have transplanted are coleus and dianthus for our ornamental beds, tomatoes for the vegetable gardens and basil for our herb areas

Arbor Day

At Oatfield Estates we celebrated Arbor Day on April 25 by planting a Cryptomeria japonica in front of Adams House. This tree was donated to us by Paul Schmaltz, former landscaper for Elite Care. The day was a little chilly but many braved the cold to help get our new tree in the ground and all will enjoy watching it grow!


Press Release: Grand Opening June 3rd At New Oatfield Estates Community

Expanding OatfieldOEII_Concept_Drawing_2000px-1024x768

Elite Care is proud to announce the grand opening of a new two-house community on the Oatfield Estates campus in Milwaukie. Oatfield Estates will offer 24 new resident suites with this addition. Here are the facts:

  • Elite Care’s Oatfield Estates Campus is located at 4444 SE Oatfield Hill Rd., Milwaukie OR 97267.
  • The expansion includes a new two-house unit that accommodates 24 Resident suites.
  • Oatfield Estates sits on 5.6 acres of spacious lawns, is surrounded by old growth trees, and walking paths that lead to a year-round garden clubhouse, and over an acre of on-site organic garden beds.
  • Don’t forget about the chickens! Working in the chicken coop and tending to the chickens every day promotes physical and emotional involvement and participation through simple, consistent routines. This is one of the residents’ favorite activities.
  • Four of the 24 Resident Suites are already occupied.

Grand Opening: Join Us Tuesday!

Tours of the new two-house community and 24 new residences are available on Tuesday, June 3 from 3:00-7:00 p.m, at 4444 SE Oatfield Hill Rd, Milwaukie, OR.

  • 10-minute mini tours are available throughout the evening.
  • Signature Resident directed meals for your enjoyment
  • Speeches from Elite Care Team Members
  • Much more!
  • Please contact Christy Caplan at or 503-412-8850 if you’re with the media and interested in attending a tour and meeting with: Elite Care executives, culinary-trained chefs that prepare meals for the residents, activity coordinators or experts that drive the Horticultural Therapy Program.
  • All are invited! We will see you Tuesday

About Elite Care

Since 2000, Elite Care has been transforming health and memory care services for the elderly in the Pacific Northwest. The Elite Care Extended Family Residences™ located in Portland, Oregon, Tigard, Oregon as well as Vancouver, Washington are a welcome alternative to traditional assisted living. Residences feature a culture that advocates life engagement, architecture that emphasizes familial gatherings, and technology that promotes safety with autonomy. This Culture, Architecture, and Technology provides a high quality, meaningful life, without regard to age, diagnosis, or ability.

Relationship Based Care

The Power Of Relationships

At Elite Care, we want Mom and Dad to be healthier, happier and safer than anywhere else. That commitment is driven by our philosophy of care; building a culture that is uniquely Resident-directed and uniquely our own. A huge portion of that Culture is basing our care on the positive energy of relationships, between friends, family and caretakers.


At Elite Care, we work very hard to make sure that best friends stay together. Unlike traditional assisted living facilities, couples are able to continue to live together in our communities regardless of their care needs. One of life’s greatest joys is to assist in helping one another.

Best friends come in varying shapes and sizes and we embrace the family pet, whether it be Fido or Felix, as a welcome part of the family. We have even set up “Service Plans” for pets in case you need some help taking care of them. A change in care needs should not interfere with best friends staying together.


At Elite Care, families are always welcome and always included. Everyday. Any time. We believe this should be a staple of senior care and assisted living everywhere. The family is the ultimate support system, and our Residents often need them just as much as they need their caretakers. Therefore, any visitors to our campuses eat free, are encouraged to jump in on any activity and are invited back! Additionally, we make sure monthly get-togethers for family members occur in order to catch up, celebrate, or just check in on their loved one.


The caretakers our Residents interact with on a daily basis are incredibly important to their time at Elite Care. Therefore, we make sure the following is always the case:

  • Elite Care Team Members are happy with their jobs (just ask!)
  • Team Members respect each Resident as “The Boss”
  • Team Members promote the three cornerstones of relationship-based Care: Be Present. Be Empathetic. Become Family.
  • Team Members join in with Residents on a multitude of daily activities.
  • Open kitchens allow Residents to interact with our Chefs
  • Team Members have intimate knowledge of each Resident’s specific needs
  • Care Givers are responsible for just 6 Residents, allowing for plenty of personal knowledge and time spent with each other.

That is just a few of the many ways in which Residents should feel like they are a part of a family, even when they are away from their own family.

Asissted living is defined by the relationships that do or do not exist for Residents. We believe they should be cemented with family, friends, and team members, as relationships keep us all going strong.