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Fanno Creek: An Alternative to Assisted Living in Tigard, Oregon

Fanno Creek Premiere Senior Living
12353 SW Grant Ave, Tigard, OR 97223 :: (503) 653-5656

Imagine living in a home with a great kitchen.  Your own chef.

In an environment that fosters love, respect, and the autonomy to live life on your own terms…  Regardless of your condition.

All of that’s possible and more at Elite Care Oatfield Estates.

Our proprietary BIP system keeps families up to date and loved one safe 24/7

Our customized programs for residents to foster passions, relationships, and purpose.

These are just a few things our current residents love about EliteCare Oatfield Estates.

Our 12 resident cottages are staffed by 10 team members.

We invite you to come see it for yourself.

Visit our campus and staff …lunch is on us

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About Elite Care

Tigard, Oregon is a wonderful location for an assisted living community. The community has so many of the amenities of urban living, but tucked away in a quiet location that is perfect for senior living. Located close to downtown Tigard, Fanno Creek sits peacefully among the lands of a nearby wetlands preserve. Our location provides residents with both the convenience of urban living and the serenity of living in the country.

Elite Care offers foster home care and memory care for both Alzheimer’s and Dementia. We make our elders feel comfortable no matter how much or little assistance they may need. We believe in empowering elders to live freely, providing a comfortable living space and attentive staff which help our residents feel at home. At each of our Elite Care communities a chef prepares home-cooked meals with love, modifying each menu to fit the dietary needs of individual residents.

About Fanno Creek

Fanno Creek is close to Portland, Oregon and shares many of the same values of the city, but its also one of our most peaceful campuses. Fanno Creek is right next to the creek that it shares its name with, which means there is a peaceful park right next to the campus that is beautiful and easy to explore from your living space. Two and a half acres sit right next to you if you like to walk around and appreciate nature.

Fanno Creek is also filled with gardens and is wheelchair accessible wherever you go. A popular feature is the 100+ year old barn that we remodeled into a green room. We added a fireplace and a gathering area, and it is a popular place for our residents to enjoy a nice conversation by the fire, especially in the wintertime. We grow tomatoes and other fresh fruits and vegetables, which we encourage our residents to contribute to if they enjoy gardening.

Along with our other campuses, we have a garden in the summertime and use all organic vegetables in the food we serve, including veggies that come straight from the garden. We have free range chickens as well, and we consider ourselves very friendly to the environment. We collect rainwater and keep our buildings well insulated to protect the environment and keep our residents warm and cozy.

Our campus is very intimate and social. We have just two buildings, and our floor plans are designed to encourage interactions between elders, if that is what they enjoy. There are communal gathering rooms and we’ll also host social outings as well.


One of the biggest draws at Fanno Creek is our culture. With only two houses, Fanno Creek provides an exclusive community where everyone knows one another, forming a tight-knit community of friends. At Fanno Creek, you really get to know all of your fellow neighbors. Our communal areas are large enough to give residents and their families a big, comfortable space to socialize. In addition, the barn is a popular area to go sit by the fire and have a nice conversation with other residents.

The residential neighborhood gives a very relaxed vibe to Fanno Creek, and many of our residents really enjoy the peacefulness and quiet beauty of the facility and surrounding area. This is a perfect area for people who want to enjoy nature and bird watching. If you’re looking for a quiet, cozy assisted living community, you will love Fanno Creek.


The design of all the campuses at Elite Care are designed to minimize confusion and maximize comfort, but Fanno Creek is an especially comfortable community, especially given its size. One of our founders, Bill Reed, has done a lot of research on the effects of confusion with seniors. One thing that we try to avoid is having long hallways with endless rows of rooms. This is extremely difficult for some seniors to navigate, it can cause major confusion, and it doesn’t have the same comfortable feeling as Elite Care wants. We design our buildings to minimize long hallways, and spill all the rooms into a central meeting area. The effect is that our residents feel at home and live happier, longer lives.


We believe that feeling comfortable with your environment, your fellow residents, and your staff is vitally important to your happiness as a resident. Our systems are designed for sharing information. We maintain and share our residents’ personal preferences along with biometric data. This system keeps all employees knowledgable on our residents personal likes or dislikes. For instance, if a resident doesn’t like mushrooms in their omelets, we will make a note in their file, to make sure that they don’t have to keep reminding people.

We have a family portal for each of our residents to keep their family updated on the health and wellness of their loved one. One of the heartbreaking things about a resident with dementia or Alzheimer’s is that it’s hard for them to share their life at the community. We put little notes and funny anecdotes about our residents and their everyday life so that you have something to talk about and they don’t forget to share with you some of the important things in their day-to-day life.

Visit our campus and staff — lunch is on us!


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