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Imagine living in a home with a great kitchen.  Your own chef.

In an environment that fosters love, respect, and the autonomy to live life on your own terms…  Regardless of your condition.

All of that’s possible and more at Elite Care Oatfield Estates.

Our proprietary BIP system keeps families up to date and loved one safe 24/7

Our customized programs for residents to foster passions, relationships, and purpose.

These are just a few things our current residents love about EliteCare Oatfield Estates.

Our 12 resident cottages are staffed by 10 team members.

We invite you to come see it for yourself.

Visit our campus and staff …lunch is on us

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Elite Care provides an alternative to assisted living in Milwaukie, Oregon with Oatfield Estates, a retirement community that emphasizes love and friendship as much as it does health care technology. At Elite Care, we believe that a senior care facility should be a place that empowers our elders to live life with freedom until the very end, and we make sure that all of our elder care programs are designed to maximize happiness.

We offer a wide range of elder care including foster home care, memory care and both Alzheimers and Dementia while providing a comfortable location in which to live. Oatfield Estates is perched on top of a hill in Milwaukie that has great views of Mount Hood and the Portland skyline. Along with great facilities, we provide a friendly staff that gets to know each resident, talented chefs that can personalize dishes for individual residents, and activities that allow residents to socialize with one another and stay active.

Dementia care is one of our main focuses, but we care for residents with a wide variety of needs. Couples with differing needs specifically thrive at Elite Care because we have the experience and education necessary for multiple forms of senior care. We’ve also created an environment that feels like home and has the comfort and support of a family.

About the Location

Oatfield Estates is Elite Care’s original campus and was designed as the model for our founders vision to fundamentally change assisted living. The entire property is designed with the needs of senior care residents in mind. The floor plans foster interaction and avoid confusion. There is a central, home-style kitchen in every house and there aren’t any long hallways that can create confusion or depression. The houses feel like home, with personal activity coordinators and chefs that get to know residents and understand their lives. Each home features 12 resident suites, which allows each home to have its own distinct personality.

The location is about as stunning as you can imagine. Oatfield Estates is situated on a hilltop with 360 views of Oregon, including one of the most gorgeous views of Mount Hood. You’ll also be surrounded by a beautiful arboretum, populated with all native plants. The gardens are what really captivate our residents though. Our gardens were started years ago by residents who had a passion for gardening, and we keep that spirit going today. We encourage our residents to help with the gardens if they have a green thumb. And you can’t beat a Caprese salad with fresh tomato and basil on a sunny afternoon, or freshly picked raspberries in the early summer!

A great benefit of having an organic garden in our backyard is our professional chefs having some of the tastiest ingredients to use. We have master gardeners to help us grow some of the most delicious produce you can imagine and then cooks who can integrate those fresh ingredients into home-cooked meals. We encourage you to take a tour and sample some of the cooking because the only people who love the food here more than the residents are the hungry families that come to visit!

Another reason residents and families love Oatfield’s location in Milwaukie is because it is tucked away in a quiet residential neighborhood. You don’t have to worry about loud city noises or cars whizzing by because we are the last stop on a dead end road. However, it’s extremely convenient to visit  just a quarter mile off McLoughlin Boulevard and a 15 minute drive from downtown Portland.

Culture at Oatfield Estates

The culture at Oatfield Estates is great for residents and families alike. One of our founders, Bill Reed, grew up in a big house with four generations and modeled the living conditions after that. It’s hard to live here and not feel like part of a close-knit community. Our residents have as much privacy as they would like, but it seems like every time we walk into a unit, everyone is out in the common area playing games or talking about politics. We try to model the living situations to maximize life continuity. If you’ve played tennis or golf your whole life, we’ll pair you up with other residents that share those interest and encourage everyone to get out and be active.

The walking path here is spectacular. The property at Oatfield Estates is six acres, and there are walking paths that go around the whole facility, so you never feel restricted in where you can go. We have residents who might otherwise be locked up in an Alzheimer’s facility that walk our paths each and every morning.

We have many parties and events, including our famous Fourth of July party. We host a big barbecue each year that always has perfect weather and bluebird views of the surrounding area. The neighborhood tends to show up because we have live music, games for kids, and a lively atmosphere where families of our residents can meet one another. We do fishing trips, visit museums, or take residents wherever they would like to go.


Our buildings are not only designed to make things simple and easy for residents, but also to make everyone here feel at home. It’s very easy to navigate and the entire campus is wheelchair accessible. We also meet LEED certification standards, for a variety of reasons. We believe in protecting the environment, but we also want our residents to be very comfortable with the temperature. We want to make sure that nobody is ever too hot or too cold in our homes.


One of the reasons our residents have so much freedom is because we have a well-trained staff that helps put together activity recommendations for everyone. Many residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s are free to walk around the campus because we can put notes into our system if there is a certain resident that needs more supervision.

We also have systems to make sure that each resident feels very comfortable with the staff. If there is ever a change in staff, we use a system to inform the new staff about everything from their favorite baseball team to what they like in their omelet. We are constantly innovating to make our residents feel a sense of belonging, influence, and purpose.

Elite Care has an unmatched level of transparency. If you have any questions about the health or happiness of your loved one, we will keep you up to date. With a resident’s permission, we offer the client portal to update family members on the most significant activity, and we are happy to chat with you if you have any questions.

Elite Care at Oatfield Estates includes:

  • 96 private Resident suites (1 bedroom and 2 bedroom layouts) amongst 8 houses
  • 6 acres of spacious lawns, old-growth trees, and walking paths that lead to our year-round garden clubhouse, chicken coop, and over an acre of on-site organic garden beds.

Every one of our Elite Care campuses also features the following elderly care Amenities That Matter.

  • 24-hour, onsite elderly care staff featuring an industry-leading 1:6 staff-to-Resident ratio
  • Daily Sacred Events that encourage social interaction and personal reflection
  • A culinary-trained chef for every house (12 Residents)
  • Monthly Family Nights: Bring the kids and grandkids and enjoy dinner and activities with Grandma!
  • A full-time elderly care Activities Coordinator for every house (12 Residents  See our full Activities Calendar)
  • A therapeutic on-site organic gardening program
  • Everyone’s favorite Resident-tended, free-range chickens!

Visit our campus and staff …lunch is on us.

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Oatfield Estates – Premiere Senior Living
4444 SE Oatfield Hill Rd Milwaukie OR 97267