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5 Mistakes – Corrected For Your Family In Senior Care

When we started Elite Care, we set out to create a new type of senior care facility.  We looked at what most people complained about care – then set out to correct the mistakes they pointed out.

Corrected Mistakes:

  1. Long hallways lead to isolation and confusion.
    We eliminated hallways.
  2. Poor food quality increases health issues.
    We cook from scratch, with love, using fresh ingredients.
  3. Poor communication between staff, family, and residents causes anxiety and mistakes.
    We created cutting-edge technology, linking all groups together in real-time.
  4. Being treated like a child results in frustration, depression, and anger.
    We created a culture where residents are the boss.
  5. The feel of a prison increases isolation, marginalization, and doubt.
    We created a small home with only 12 residents and 10 caregivers.

We overcame them one by one. And that changed the whole situation. This caused hundreds of elders to flock to Elite Care Homes. It became the preferred eldercare community almost immediately. EliteCare’s success changed eldercare forever.

Discover Why NBC Nightly News Said EliteCare Is Changing Senior Care Forever

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Currently at Elite Care, we continue to innovate. We invite you to contact us, or stop on by, so we can show you around. Some of the things you’ll find which set us apart are:

  1. An open, inviting environment. Way more trees than concrete.
  2. Happy, smiling faces. From employees and residents alike.
  3. A vibrant, active community. On-site, seasonal farmers markets and barbecues.
  4. Unparalleled connection between residents and caregivers. Technology provides a constant connection, and monthly family nights provide for regular face-to-face time.
  5. Immersive natural areas and extensive gardens promote connection with the natural world.
  6. Powered by BIP. Activities, measurements, and outings throughout the day are available on our exclusive, online Family Portal.


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Elite Care at Oatfield Estates and Fanno Creek is a small boutique residential living facility (RCF), an alternative to Assisted living Facility (ALF). And alternative to Nursing Homes, an alternative to adult foster homes and an alternative to memory care and Alzheimer Facility.

We design and built this alternative so that we would have a place to go when we were no longer able to care for ourselves. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness is an inalienable right that does not stop with age. When there is a natural decline in abilities one’s rights should not be taken away. At Elite Care Oatfield Estates and Fanno Creek we have developed a multi-pronged attack that allows our elders to age elegantly and safely.

The main components of living independently and thriving are having great food, independence and love. When you are surrounded by personal assistants that respect your being and care for you with dignity and respect, aging is not a sentence that determines the rest of your life. We believe that terminal drop or compressed morbidity is within our reach when we treat the Greatest Generation with the respect and honor that they deserve.

The main components which assure quality of life are:

  • caring staff
  • quality food (cooked from scratch) with love, natural ingredients, and respect
  • activities which keep you active until the very end.

Each one of these ingredients is enhanced by being the leader in innovation, giving Elite Care the best architecture [Urban Land] and electronic monitoring.

In designing the future of elder care every detail was extremely imptigortant and has an effect on the safety and quality of life which our elders enjoy. The location needs to offer natural beauty and enough space to have gardens and meaningful walking paths. Our locations in Tigard Oregon and Milwaukie Oregon just outside of Portland offers picturesque and natural space that blends into an idyllic setting, fostering natural living and care.

Oatfield Estates is a 6 acre top-of-the-mountain spectacular location, one of the best for views of the surrounding mountains and the best in Portland. Our Fanno Creek location is comprised of 2 parcels: one just under an acre where the main building is built out of the 500 year flood plane and the other just under 2 acres of natural wetlands with a barn and garden. These natural beautiful areas weave together with the holistic care to create one of the nation’s premier elder care locations.

To truly understand how beautiful and natural these locations one has to visit them only a short distance from downtown Portland. This is a place for mom with great grounds and hospitals close by: Oatfield Providence and St Vincent’s is close to Elite Care’s Fanno Creek location. Each of the alternatives to elder care has nearby fire stations to assure that in the unlikely event of an accident, help is always quickly there.

Life can be wonderful in the winter of your life if components are in alignment with your desires and wishes. To be in control to the end is important and possible given the right environment and support systems.

Touring Oatfield Estates

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A Note From Our Founders:

Elite Care is the realization of our dream to provide a fundamentally different approach to residential care. Extended family residences™ promote a family lifestyle of close staff-resident relationships, meaningful community-building activities, and physical and mental achievement while providing assistance when needed. Our home-like environment concentrated on life as we all live it, with a country kitchen as a focal point and easy access to all areas of the home. If it looks like, feels like, smells like, sounds like and has the heart of a home then it is home.

Our vision for Elite Care is based on my experience growing surrounded by four generations of family. My family aged in place while surrounded by nurturing sons, daughters, and grandchildren. As family members we were intimately familiar with each other, and my grandparents’ lifetime experiences were brought to bear on important household decisions. An intergenerational cast made their lives purposeful, as they passed their knowledge on to future generations. Today, most frail older people are forced out of family life.

Our Extended Family Residence™ model brings family and community back to the lives of healthy lifestyle, and independence. Intimate private rooms and diverse common spaces accentuate our extended family philosophy. Our staff are encouraged to build strong relationships with the residents, Furthermore, we deliver a quality of life that also fulfills staff needs, enabling everyone to benefit. A key component of the Extended Family Residence™ model is that staff and their families live with residents. Technology helps us maintain our family environment by allowing us to focus on residents.

Lydia Lundberg
Bill Reed
Founders, Elite Care

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