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Elder Care Portland: Amenities That Matter

After visiting your loved one, you will sleep well knowing Mom and Dad are healthier, happier, and safer. Experience peace of mind at Elite Care.


Our social approach to elder care emphasizes individualized and relationship-centered care in intimate, home-like settings.

Team Members are happy with their jobs and, according to our recent Satisfaction survey data, our Residents think very highly of them (Just ask!). Family engagement is encouraged, and we meet monthly for group dinners. This allows for Care-staff, Family members and Residents to compare notes and celebrate together!

At Elite Care, we reduce stress by creating a living environment that emphasizes simple, consistent routines. These routines become daily rituals that, over time, make day-to-day living easier.

Team Members respect each resident not only as a part of Elite Care’s extended family, but as ‘The Boss’.

Team Members promote Relationship Based Care’s Be present. Be empathetic. Become family.

Guest meals for visitors are free of charge and we have overnight rooms for families who would like to stay with us for a day or two for a nominal fee.

Families are always welcome and always included. Everyday. Any time.

Couples, regardless of care level, stay together.

In a recent evaluation of 911 calls for medical service, Elite Care was found to have had far fewer calls for service than its competitors. As a measure of care, these data show that your loved ones are in good hands at Elite Care! Our culture of care and individualized service ensure that our Residents are well-cared for every day.

According to a recent, outside study, our re-hospitalization rate is very low. What this means is that your loved one is well-cared for at Elite Care! Medical issues are identified and tended to well in advance of either a 911 emergency call or re-hospitalization. Lower re-hospitalization rates are also linked to our social approach to elder care. In other words, you are healthier when you receive the individualized attention you deserve and are given the opportunity to form close relationships with care staff and other Residents.


The 24/7 electronic monitoring system available at some of our facilities allows for independence and enhances safety. Where this technology is not yet available, 24-hour care-staff go the extra mile to ensure the safety and comfort of our Residents.

Access to Nurse and Team Member notes on your loved one’s health and well-being is available through our secure, internet portal system, including: number of activities attended and resident-need response time by care-staff.


Physical Environment

Our open kitchen architecture allows residents to interact with the house Chef. The kitchen and common area in each house are designed to feel and smell like home.

Food is cooked from scratch, minimizing processed foods, utilizing local, organic & fresh whenever possible. During the growing season, we often supplement our meals with food from our own garden!

We have created living environments that are safe and easy to navigate. Our cozy, intimate house environment provides a quiet, predictable home conducive to socializing.


All residents are encouraged to participate in outdoor activities as a vital part of holistic health’s on-site organic gardens; accessible walking paths, even tending the free-roaming chickens is encouraged!

We have Activities Coordinators (ACs) assigned to look after the health and well-being of our Residents. We ensure that each of our ACs is assigned only small groups of Residents so that they can provide individualized attention.

We reduce stress by creating a living environment that emphasizes simple, consistent routines. Daily Sacred Events is a set of daily activities that encourage resident participation, interaction, and reflection.


Care Givers are responsible for a small number of Residents, allowing greater personal knowledge of each resident and their personal care needs.

We have Registered Nurses assigned to look after the health and well-being of our Residents. We also ensure that each of our nurses has a small group of Residents to tend to so that they receive the prompt, professional care they deserve.

We provide regular medication reviews. Our nurses regularly sit down with Residents in order to understand how they are doing, see if there are any concerns and to remind Residents to touch base with them frequently. We are never too busy to hear how you are doing!

At Elite Care, we know that a clean house is a heathy house. We emphasize a high standard of household cleanliness and care-staff take pride in the cleanliness of the homes in which they work.

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