Why we are the best! | Elite Care

Why we are the best!

  • We have the best staffing ratio in the industry with over 1 FTE per resident
  • We have Architecture that emulates a typical family home with a kitchen where the chef is the mother and part of the great room. If it looks like home, feels like home and smells like home it is home.
  • We have an activities coordinator for every 12 residents. Exercise keeps the body and soul moving
  • We have a chef for every 12 residents that cooks nutritious meals from scratch using fresh organic ingredients when possible
  • We have technology that allows for instantaneous communication between family and staff.
  • We are a true aging in place home. Once you move in we do not move you for when your needs increase such as a 2-person transfer or increased dementia. Moving is difficult when you are healthy but moving when you are weak and in decline is devastating. We are your last home. The only exception is if we cannot provide for your safety.
  • We are a relationship-based care organization. Our residents and staff become family, so isolation and loneliness are conquered with love and acknowledgement.
    Our residents thrive to the end of life and do not have to move when in terminal decline. Our residents die in their home surrounded by family and friends. Our residents spend 90% less time in the hospital in the last 6 months of life than in a typical facility.