Logging in to our Family Portal is easy! | Elite Care

Logging in to our Family Portal is easy!

If you need login information, please contact the resident’s Community Manager (CM).

Technology needs to have specific reasons and outcomes. At Elite Care we help both our residents and team members thrive. When technologies and culture are weaved together everybody benefits. The biggest challenge in assisted living, memory care and nursing homes is that most of our residents can no longer use the primary benefit of technology which is improved communication and connectedness. To be effective it needs to facilitate the wellbeing of our elders by creating more communication, coordination and collaboration between families, staff and the medical community.

There are numerous parts to creating this new paradigm:

The family Portal links the daily life of the residents as well as vital communication between the team and the resident family member’s. In almost real time we can show how our residents are doing. This relieves a lot of guilt and worry that the elder is well taken care of and is participating in the household. This allows for the family member to become the child again when they visit. They are no longer there to see how mom is doing, since they already know from the open communication, but to love and be present with the elders.
There are two systems that are actively being used at Elite Care.

Curo-teck/ECT technologies is our original system which continues to be actively used at Oatfield Estates and Fanno Creek. Curotek technology formed the first generation of Elite Care’s family portal, as described in Wired Magazine. Family members with access can login at any time and get the latest information on their loved one.

Unique to Elite Care, our family portal contains both care and social data.

Oatfield Estates in Milwaukie, Oregon
Fanno Creek in Tigard, Oregon

We are in the process of rolling out our new system, biptech at both Oatfield Estates and Fanno Creek. If your family is on the bip system, you can login below:

bip Family Portal

If you are having trouble logging in to any of our portals, please let us know.

bip: Belonging, Influence, Purpose

The bip technology suite consists of a native Android app for our staff and a web-based communication tool for staff and families. These parts work together with on-site technology to facilitate the culture of communication between the family, team, and elders.

DSE: Daily Sacred Events

Each day, we have specific touch points we call Daily Sacred Events. The consistent routine of DSEs have a number of benefits:

1. Facilitate the circadian rhythm. Events that take place at the same time, using the same script, each day let the body’s circadian rhythm reset, helping to calm nerves and allowing people to anticipate what is going to happen during the day.
2. Fun, communal events reinforce the value and humanity of the community.
3. Events of a consistent and scripted nature allow everyone to participate, regardless of mental ability.

Measuring Love

bip’s groundbreaking “love” feature provides a virtual record of connecting events between elders and team members. Android tablets running the bip app allow for quick and easy entry of stories, photos, and descriptions of many different events.

The program is written as a platform so changes and improvements do not have to be hard coded. We are excited about this program and how it is going to help facilitate the relationships between all stakeholders. bip is constantly innovating. New features include the ability to take and send pictures attached to notes.